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Notice of Imminent Forestry Works

The Estate will shortly be commencing Forestry Operations in an area of woodland on the edge of Saundersfoot, alongside the B4316, south of Old Mill Farm Caravan Park, and North of Whitlow, as shown on the attached plan.

The work is one of the final elements of an operation that has been ongoing throughout the Estate woodlands for several years to remove Japanese Larch trees infected with the disease Phytopthera Ramorum, and has been authorised by the grant of a Felling Licence from Natural Resources Wales.

Unfortunately, we are unable to remove just the Larch trees from this area as the remaining trees, if left, would no longer have the protection from wind that the Larch trees currently provide, and would then become vulnerable to being windblown, causing a potential risk to surrounding property and road users.

Following the clearfell operation, the site will be replanted in Spring 2020 with a mixture of Broadleaf and Conifer species. The replanting plan has been approved by the Welsh Government Agriculture Department, under the ‘Glastir Woodland Restoration’ Scheme.

It should be noted that the entire site will be fully replanted, as all the other sites felled by the Estate in recent years have been. For the avoidance of any doubt, this work is NOT being undertaken to facilitate any development of any kind. The site is being felled as part our continuous woodland management policy, under which trees are planted as a crop, and harvested on a rotational basis. Many of the Estate woodlands around Saundersfoot were last felled and replanted in the 1940’s and 50’s, and the trees that we will be replanting will, no doubt,  be clear felled in another 60 or 70 years.